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181021-0125 - Tel Aviv looking north to the Old Pier181021-0135 - View of modern Tel Aviv looking east181021-0140 - Art-Deco style hotel where I stayed in TA181021-0147 - heart in Hebrew pronounced "Lev"181021-0177 - on bluff overlooking the Mediterranean181022-0198 - 1st morning in Israel, TA.181022-0204 - TA beach approx 5 miles, mostly built-up like this181022-0214 - Colorful shelter on the TA beach (Hof Tel Aviv)181022-0223 - TA marina at dawn181022-0234 - Sculpture plaza just off the beach181022-0239 - Bike/Walk path looking onto the beach. Volleyball very popular181022-0282 - Unusual looking building off the beach181022-0292 - Morning exercises on the beach (this is NOT Muscle beach!)181022-0305 - Memorial to over 100 killed in the Dolphinarium nightclub in 2001181022-0307 - Another memorial - It reads "We will Not Stop Dancing"181022-0319 - Beach kitsch. Jaffa in the background facing south181022-0335 - St. Peter's Church in Jaffa at left, Al Bahr Mosque at right by the shore181022-0338 - 2 Israelis arguing (the national pastime)181022-0348181022-0359